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Benefits of Fleet Driver Training

Whether you’re a transport manager, a safety professional or a company director, fleet safety is a priority and something that you cannot afford to ignore.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) more people are killed or injured in at-work road accidents than in all other workplace accidents combined. RoSPA Fleet Safety is working to reduce occupational road risk using innovative, behaviour-based solutions (

White Lines Driver Training  instructors incorporate RoSPA guidelines and standards into its fleet driver training sessions. Driver’s skills and compliance are assessed according to RoSPA standards and objectives.

White Lines Driver Training instructors work closely with fleet managers and line managers to plan and implement fleet driver training and assessment schedules and to facilitate ongoing regular assessments to identify changes in driving style or behaviours which may compromise road safety.

As described on the Professional Fleet Driver website, IAM Roadsmart, every company with more than five employees has a Duty of Care enshrined in law, and is responsible for taking all reasonable and practicable steps to minimise workplace risks in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and other supporting legislation.

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If you require employees to drive as part of their job, then their vehicle is an extension of the workplace, and you must therefore have the following:

  • A robust driver policy that is reviewed regularly and given to employees: they must confirm that they have read and understood it
  • Driving Licence checks for all employees who drive for your business
  • Vehicle document checks (MOT and insurance) for those who do not use a company owned/leased vehicle
  • A reliable, auditable system for assessing each individual driver’s risk level
  • Training programmes to address the needs of drivers deemed to be high-risk

White Lines Driver Training instructors work closely with fleet managers/schedulers to ensure their company is compliant with the above requirements.

Eco-driving skills will be incorporated into any fleet driver training course, for improved fuel consumption and increased MPG, therefore giving the organization a cost-effective means of offsetting any training costs.