Terms and Conditions of Driving Tuition Given by a White Lines Instructor

It is agreed that:

  • The services of the White Lines Instructor shall be for the sole purpose of giving the client driving tuition at the quoted price for the course, or at the rate per lesson applicable at the time.

  • The Instructor reserves the right to substitute another White Lines Instructor for all or any lessons if the Instructor is unavailable for any reason.

  • Should it not be possible to offer a substitute instructor (See 2.), or in the event of mechanical failure of the vehicle, or any other reason, the Instructor reserves the right to rearrange the affected lesson to another, mutually convenient time

  • The client proves that he/she is properly licensed to drive the tuition vehicle or their own vehicle, by showing the Instructor their valid, pertinent documents. 

  • The client pays for the course or lesson, whichever is appropriate, prior to the lesson.

  • The client agrees to give the Instructor two (2) days (48 hours) notice of changing/cancelling a lesson. Failing to give this notice the client is liable to pay in full for the lesson. For an Intensive Course one weeks notice is required (7 full days).

  • The Instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the tuition vehicle for the official driving test, if in the opinion of the Instructor, the client has not attained the required standard.

  • The Instructor will carry the appropriate insurance covering the client whilst driving the tuition vehicle accompanied by the Instructor.

  •  This also applies when accompanied by an Examiner for the purposes of the official driving test.

  • Where payments are made directly to the Instructor, White Lines accepts no responsibility for any acts, defaults of failures by the Instructor, nor for failure of the Instructor to carry out his/her obligations.

  • This agreement exists only between the Instructor and the client. It is further agreed that no agreement or other contractual relationship exists between the client and White Lines Driver Training.

  • The client acknowledges that White Lines has no liability for any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of the tuition vehicle or from acts or omissions of the Instructor providing the tuition.